Outsourcing and Offshoring: Different Words, the Same Meaning feature image

Outsourcing seems to be the word that entered Information Technology industry for good. The process guarantees flexibility and can save the company unnecessary expenses, because they will only need to pay for the services they require. Also, it eliminates the continuous need to hire and train new employees. Offshoring is another type of a classic […]

Challenges grow together with the business. The need to constantly keep up with the market while at the same time making sure that the company‚Äôs people remains competent and productive are just some of the difficulties they need to face head on. Most of the time, strategy is not enough. Having the proper mindset as […]

Mobile technology is the fastest-growing technology platform in history. With smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices outnumbering desktop computers, changes in how customers access and share the available information is inevitable. The unremarkable growth of mobile technology has become a powerful and efficient tool for businesses to accelerate and achieve project objective and development goals. […]