The field of software development is diverse. Software development isn’t all about the code. In fact, coding is a part of the overall development project lifecycle. Irrespective of the what kind of software application product being developed, outsourcing or not, there are a series of phases or processes that are carried out during the software […]

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application? How much will it cost to outsource it?  Quite often business owners find themselves trying to answer these two questions. The advantages of a mobile application are clear, however, these advantages come with a cost to pay. The cost of application development is mostly based […]

Businesses are becoming more competitive every day.  Most of the world’s businesses never stop improving not just their services but how they managed their workforce as well. But how do businesses utilize staff augmentation to deliver project goals? The industry’s most successful businesses are utilizing staff augmentation to control both planned and sudden changes to […]

Both offshoring and outsourcing started as a cost-cutting measure, but businesses that knows how to create real and sustainable value routinely use these two sourcing strategies for far more strategic ends-to gain capabilities and strengths that they don’t have or can’t have in-house, or to strengthen the existing ones that they already have. Outsourcing began […]

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Outsourcing seems to be the word that entered Information Technology industry for good. The process guarantees flexibility and can save the company unnecessary expenses, because they will only need to pay for the services they require. Also, it eliminates the continuous need to hire and train new employees. Offshoring is another type of a classic […]

Mobile technology is the fastest-growing technology platform in history. With smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices outnumbering desktop computers, changes in how customers access and share the available information is inevitable. The unremarkable growth of mobile technology has become a powerful and efficient tool for businesses to accelerate and achieve project objective and development goals. […]

For most companies, the complexity of the IT industry makes it that there’s no right choice between the two models. Even as organizations are becoming increasing globally competitive and sophisticated – leveraging one model over the other altogether is not the best choice. The balance between staff augmentation and managed services exist, thus, it is possible to optimize the benefits of both models. There might be instances where staff augmentation is the right execution needed, and surely, there will be chances that getting a managed service provider is the best possible approach. There can be even situations where combination of both business models is the only way to go.

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Businesses hire Filipinos not because they are the cheaper counterpart, but because of the work output they bring to the table.