• Web Developer

    Web Developer

    We are looking for highly motivated and passionate web developers with experience in PHP to join our team. We do not expect you to be an ultimate expert at the time you join the team, but we expect you to learn fast and work hard to become one.

    BrewedLogic Inc. is a software company focused on developing solutions for web, mobile and desktop environments.


    • Monitor, maintain, diagnose, fine-tune performance of high traffic websites and internal applications
    • Participate in the whole software development life cycle (design, planning, coding, testing, maintenance) in building new products and features
    • Become a proactive participant in learning


    • Willing to learn and be mentored by another developer
    • Willing to work mid shift schedule, from 12PM to 9PM or 1PM to 10PM.
    • Excellent communication skills and strong work ethics
    • Experience with PHP, Javascript
    • Experience with MVC architectural pattern and have used Laravel framework
    • Experience working with nginX, Apache
    • Experience with cross-browser debugging, development, testing and optimisation
    • Initiative and the ability to work independently and in a team
    • At least 1 year of working experience in related field is required for this position
    • Note: Fresh graduates are welcome to apply, just show us completed projects that you are proud of!

    Useful additions (not required, but would be awesome!)

    • Completed projects using nodeJS
    • Worked with NoSQL databases (especially MongoDB)
    • Worked with JavaScript libraries, tools, and frameworks such as AngularJS, Yeoman, Bower, Karma, Grunt, React
    • Played around with cross-platform mobile app development using Ionic, Angular, React Native, Cordova
    • Source control management tools such as Git, Mercurial
    • Experience with agile software development like XP or Scrum
    • Interest in learning about new languages, frameworks and tools
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